May I request prayer for Somalia? Formerly I requested prayer for Chernobyl children and D R Congo and
These are the prayer items usually when I walk, and I’d like to share it to more people to pray.
Somalia desperately need your prayer.For they were abandoned past 25 years as warfare nation,
Now because of drought, people walk 100km cannot find food.(Honestly without sandstorm nothing left on vast desert)
78% people didn’t have any malaria protection(In 2011),now (in 2019) refugee numbers are 8 hundred thousand,orphan numbers 6 hundred thousand,lastly national widely 300 thousand malnourished children.
Introducing statistics 2010 measure (Before this great famine), 43 per cent of the population live in extreme poverty (measured less than 1 US dollar a day), over half of the labour force are unemployed,otherwise their main source of livelihood was livestock,now everything on their hand has dried out. (Herd of cattle,arable land,whole land territory of Somalia)
I’d like to request prayer for children under 5 years old life in danger by pneumonia,diarrhea,measles,dehydration,birth trauma,(malnutrition,low birth weight),
(2) no more rage on cholera,(3) for pregnant women,(The 6th highest maternal mortality rate in the world), Shabelle Region (The Capital of Al-shabaab,The Somali version ISIL,so called ‘The worst territory of Somalia’ (4) To end this ‘civil war’ (5) for ‘8 hundred thousand refugees’.
Lastly let me introduce my friends the Influence of this drought is beyond the territory situation of neighboring Ethiopia,Kenya is exactly the same.(If you could please pray for them also)

For reference pictures :
Dehydration commercial (In Somalia) :

And If you bearable,I hope we keep pray for Chernobyl children and D R Congo until problems have solved
let’s see miracle of our LORD together I will let my prayer request ‘standstill’
Thank you for your attention for Somalia, may LORD richly bless you.

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