D R Congo

May I request prayer about D R Congo?
Situated in Central Africa, past 25 years has suffered devastating civil war’s D R Congo need your prayer.
Famous for Mukwege and 400 thousand female victims (A lot of them are infected with HIV with this evil, half of them on Fistula disease,which 90% of them cannot get any treatment)
Genocide and torture for civilians were ubiquity past 25 years.
Would you please pray for : 1) 450 thousand refugees,93% children don’t have malaria protection,4 million orphans and 2 million children malnourished;
And for
2)Children under 5 years old fighting their lives with Pneumonia,malnutrition,tuberculosis,malaria,HIV,low birth weight,diarrhoeal disease.(Also up to 1)12 years children,2)up to 40 years adults (Population structure of D R Congo are concentrated on this age)
2)Pregnant women (Maternal mortality rate is too high)
3)No more genocide (clash between people) to happen,mercy on civilians in during wartime.
4)Another I’d like to request prayer very ‘earnest’ is this situation is spread exactly same with Central African Republic and Chad.(Highest malnutrition rate country in 2017) I’d like to request the prayer case by case the same.
Lastly pray for 5)mercy on people who are involving battle today 6)Female protection from violence/evil against women during wartime.
Adding some more information there are child soldiers using as human shields.30 thousand among them,there are a lot of 7,8 years old boys.For girls, they cannot escape violence for them.
For praying for this country most thing mind me was that there were girl child soldiers giving up themselves (prospect of release and precious themselves) in dark place even now.Short malaria on D R Congo situation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uq5YWlN6GrE /
Please permit me to update 2-3 times 1)to subvert this war situation and 2)wartime mercy
Thank you for your attention for Congolese people.Matondo!

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