Though Ukraine’s situation is not reported on media these days
In Ukraine 1.5 person per 100 die every year.This value is second most high in the world in 2014, in 2019 3rd.Bulgaria is 8th in 2014, 2019 1st. (You can find statistics on etc. sites) (Lithuania 4th,Belarus 6th,Romania 7th,..)
Their Cause of death all concentrated on heart disease,stroke (69% in Ukraine,Bulgaria 55%).This trend is same with Serbia,Belarus,Latvia,Lithuania,Estonia,Russian western states,if you see on their land,are forming ‘bones tremble’ epidemic in 21th century today.
It is because of radiation,nuclear disaster ((Though clip didn’t showed ‘seriousness’ of Nuclear disaster))(Sorry for long explanation); : Details 1)In Chernobyl reactor,which is even now not sealed very well nuclear materials leak,with already have leaked materials contaminate the soil (Light elements fly around the world form radioactive dust 2) Eating grain grown from the soil also the problem, it through ecosystem (By law of the jungle, If we assume radioactivity inside water is 1,bacteria drinks it 2000, a fish eats bacteria enrich 5000, a duck eats fish enrich 40 thousand,lastly people eat the duck/The nurse on the clip mentioned about milk,for cow concentrates all it’s nutrition to produce milk,Ukraine’s milk has gathered all of radioactivity,distributing neighbouring countries 3) And when people eat/drink that,be enriched inside body,trigger heart disease,stroke,hair loss,thyroid cancer,various cancer,vomiting,leukemia etc. diseases.
So I supposed to request prayer for people and children who are suffering Heart Disease,stroke in Ukraine,Bulgaria,Belarus,Latvia,Estonia,Serbia,Latvia,Russian western states,but through repeating prayer,I conceived heart to maybe request ‘all’ nuclear disaster victims who are facing ‘serious conditions’.
List of nuclear accident is 1.Fukushima,2.3 miles,3.Xinjiang nuclear tasting leaking,4.Goiania, etc. (More list is on Wikipedia and please pray more for for ‘Fukushima’ accident victims,which every experts say many times bigger accident has broken)
Past 8 years study I’m seeing all of the heart disease in the world (3.5 million),various cancer,stroke is related with nuclear disaster.You may also, find materials on internet widely.
Always nuclear disaster victims die with complete desperation with somewhere hospital ward blaming themselves ‘Hah! Maybe because I smoke,bad living habit, greasy food..’
Would you please pray for :
1.May LORD save their lives of each the nuclear disaster whose are struggling their lives
2.May LORD reduce the suffering,ill pain of each nuclear disaster victims
3.Save their lives of Chernobyl children/also who are suffering Heart disease,stroke Ukraine and Bulgaria, Serbia,Belarus,Latvia,Lithuania,Romania,Estonia,Russian western states,
4.May 330 nuclear reactors on the world run safely today.’Direct’ their paths of all nuclear disaster victims who are completely seized by panic and don’t know what to do.

Thank you for your attention to Chernobyl Children and Ukraine,Bulgaria.Greet in their language.дякую

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